Minutes of the Planning Meeting of the Co-operative Audit of the Congo Basin Forest.


Yaoundé, Hôtel la Falaise, 06th to 08th February 2017


  For three days, the delegates were involved in workshops in line with the Planning Meeting for the Co-operative Audit of the Congo Basin Forest in their various capacities as representatives of the following institutions;

-The Supreme Audit Institutions of Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and of Chad.

-The international good governance program of the German International Cooperation for Development GIZ, representing the German government and the European Union.

-The Executive Secretariat of the Central African Forest Commission, COMIFAC.

-The Ministry of Forestry and Wild Life and the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development of Cameroon.


In the course of the first day of the planning meeting, the workshops focused on a session of general information on the Congo Basin Forest, through two exposés under the themes;

1. General data, assets, frameworks and instruments in the management of the Congo Basin Forest.

2. Problems, challenges and risks related in the management of the Congo Basin.

Part of the Day 02 activities were consecrated to a session on the specificities related to the execution of co-operative audits. In the course of the day, participants were edified using 03 exposés on;

  1. Opportunities, risks and constraints related in the execution of a co-operative audit.
  2. How to integrate international norms in the course of a co-operative audit.
  3. Lessons learned from the environmental audit of the Lake Chad experience.


After these exposés, a presentation on the Co-operative Audit Project was made. The end of the second day and early hours of the third day were consecrated to sessions to amend the Co-operative Acts. Discussions led to the adoption of the Protocol Agreements which were signed by the different parties or Supreme Audit Institutions involved in the Planning Meeting.