Planning meeting of the Environmental Co-operative Audit of the Congo Basin Forest.

Congo Basin: Forest Governance Evaluated.

 Organised by the Secretariat of the African Work Group on Environmental Audit (AFROSAI-WGEA) and hosted by the Supreme State Audit Office, the workshop which held in Yaounde from the 6-8th February 2017, provided a framework for the exchange of ideas between the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of the countries bordering the Congo Basin Forest in the Cooperative Audit process. It equally reached an agreement on the terms and conditions of the cooperative audit, adopted and signed a cooperative agreement laying down the frame work for the implementation of the cooperative audit of the Congo Basin Forest.

The Minister of CONSUPE speaking during the opening ceremony emphasized that the objective of the audit is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the institutions of governance and forest management in the Congo Basin Forest and to formulate resolutions to improve forest governance in the said geographical space. To do so, the sharing of ideas between Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions in the countries hosting the Congo Basin is necessary in order to build on the conditions and modalities of the audit.

Minister MBAH ACHA Rose said AFROSAI organised the consultation meeting with the objective to involve Supreme Audit Institutions of public finance in the Congo Basin Forest in the audit process and raise awareness on forest management mechanisms in the Congo Basin Forest.

it should be noted that the forests in the Congo Basin form the second largest forest mass in the world after the Amazon Forest and account for about 16% of the world’s forested area.