launching of the PASIE Project

Extractive Industries; control mechanism for better traceability.

CONSUPE and some member states of CREFIAF embark on a five-year project to improve the monitoring of the sector in French-speaking Sub-Saharan African countries.

In a bid to improve on the traceability of revenues generated by the Extractive Industries in Sub-Saharan French-speaking countries for more transparency and good governance, a project sponsored by the Canadian government was launched on the 24 of January 2017 by the Minister of CONSUPE, Madam MBAH ACHA Rose FOMUNDAM. The project dubbed “Improving the Monitoring of the Extractive Industries in Sub-Saharan French-speaking Africa”, PASIE, is sponsored to the tune of FCFA 8 billion by the Canadian government for a duration of five years.

While launching the project in the presence of the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, René Cremonese, the Minister of CONSUPE said the project is intended to build the capacity of auditors of Supreme Audit Institutions, organizations involved in supervision and other stakeholders. “This project is actually to train them and we are expecting that by the end of the project, we will be able to come out with traceability of resources that come out from this sector. It is a sector that generates quite a lot of funds but nobody knows where these funds go to” the Minister said.  

The project is expected to streamline regulations and policies involved will be brought to the knowledge of participants who in turn will educate other stakeholders in their respective countries. The protection of the environment and the respect of gender equity are also expected to be taken into consideration by the Extractive Industries.

The project will be implemented by the Regional Committee of Supreme Audit Institutions in Sub-Saharan French-speaking African countries CREFIAF, involving Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Mali.

Joseph ENOW